Welcome to James Auto/ Car Mover

Are you looking for a driver to move your car to your destination in the US or Canada?

Hello, My name is James.

My passion is driving on the road to see the continental US.

I have lived in Southern California for 30 years and have beautiful home and family.

I have a 30 year history of clean driving records.

I will be your safe and reliable driver to move your car in a timely matter. As an example, I can offer 3 days delivery time from Los Angeles to Seattle, or 6 days from Los Angeles to the East Coast.

How did I start this work?

A year ago, my neighbor was looking for someone to move his 2018 Honda CRV from Southern California to Minnesota, (1850 miles). I thought it was a great opportunity- I could enjoy seeing a lot of places which I never driven through before. It was a long and fun drive. I saw beautiful sunrises, snow covering mountains, and smelled nature . It was a rewarding experience and I want to continue driving.

If you would like a price quote, please contact me.

Contact: james@imovecar.com Phone : 714 408 4159

Thank you for visit my place.